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Tru Club

Tru Club


July 25th, 2012


The Tru Club is one of the newest Hollywood clubs that has opened yet they have been around since the 1950’s. This club is not only classified as a night club but it is also classified as a Supper Club as well. They have multiple levels and even a patio which gives off a great view of the main room. You will find that it is filled with the most beautiful 1950’s décor that you will ever lay eyes on and even has elegant hardwood floors, and sparkling European diamond walls to accompany the lavish furnishings.

On the main floor they even have two bars that include Crystal waterfalls and burlesque dancing. Furthermore, you will be pleased with their comfortable lounge and dining area in the basement that is furnished well.

Tru Hollywood
Address:1600 N. Argyle Ave. Hollywood, CA
Phone: 323-461-1600

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