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Ecco Club

Ecco Club


July 31st, 2012


The Ecco Club, as its name hints, is one of the Eco-friendly lounges that even has complimentary parking for hybrids. Before they created this green nightclub the space was formally the Tokio nightclub yet now many agree that the Ecco Club has made their energy efficient club very modern and ten times better than anyone could have ever imagined.

When entering the Ecco Club you will find that the tables are situated to wrap around the perimeter of the dance floor that faces the Ecco DJ Booth and they are served by their own host and personal VIP hostess. Ecco Club has a reputation of having some of the best service that can be found in all of Hollywood and waitresses have helped make this happen by remembering their entire patrons name so they feel like they are at home each and every time that they visit.

Ecco Club is a very popular nightclub so as you can imagine it is pretty hard trying to get in unless you are a celeb or are on the list. Additionally, it is also recommended that you RSVP early and try out their VIP bottle service.

Ecco Club
Address:1640 North Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA
Phone: 323-466-7000

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